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Korean Track Undergraduate Program : List of Departments & Majors

College School/Department Major
Liberal Arts      School of Human Civilization  Korean Language & Literature
 Japanese Language &  Literature Korean
School of Glocal Cultural Studies     Cultural Planning
 Cultural Contents
 Cultural Service
 Department of English Language & Literature 
 Department of China Studies 
 Department of Library & Information Science 
 Department of Early Childhood Education 
 Department of Ethics Education 
 Department of Psychology 
Law and Political Science    School of Law & Public Administration  Law
 Public Administration
  School of Communication  Mass Communication
 Advertising & PR(Public Relations)
 Department of Social Welfare
Commerce and Economics         School of Economics, Finance & Logistics  Economics & Finance
 School of Hospitality & Tourism Management   Hospitality & Tourism Management
 Food Service Management
 Department of Business Administration 
 Department of International Trade & Commerce 
 Department of Accounting 
Natural Science        School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics  Mathematics
 Applied Statistics
School of Chemistry & Life Science    Chemistry
 Life Science
 Department of Energy Science 
 Department of Physical Therapy 
 Department of Nursing Science 
          Engineering        School of Civil, Urban, and Environmental Engineering     Civil Engineering
 Urban Engineering
 Environmental Engineering
School of Food Biotechnology & Nutrition    Food Science & Biotechnology
 Food Nutrition
School of Architecture & Design    Architecture
 Interior & Architectural Design
School of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering    Mechanical Engineering
 Mechatronics Engineering
 Department of Industrial & Management Engineering 
  Department of Advanced Materials Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering  
  Department of Electronic Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering  
Department of Software Engineering  
Department of Information & Communication Engineering  
 Deparment of Pharmaceutical Engineering 
                Arts   School of Music
  School of Design
School of Theatre, Film, & Musical   Theatre
School of Screen Arts  Moving Image
 School of Digital Media 
Department of Sports & Health Science  
Department of Fine Arts
 Department of Craft Design    Metal Craft Design
  Ceramic Craft Design 
  Furniture Design
 Textile Design
  Department of Photography
  Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising
    Department of Theology