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Exchange Student Program

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Exchange Student Program



Kyungsung University's door is opened to all the people around the world. Kyungsung University is actively adapting to the wave of internationalization, globalization, and liberalization that is rapidly changing the educational environment. In this respect, we are working strenuously toward the process that brings Kyungsung University into an international educational community. Kyungsung University is moving into the new era by forming practical and productive international exchange programs with other universities located in the United States, Australia, Japan, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, England, Kazakhstan, Philippines Hongkong and Taiwan.


Detailed Information about Reciprocal Exchange student program

Office in Charge of Student Exchange

International Program Office

Popular Courses taken by Exchange Students

Korean Adaptation Course


Detailed Information about Reciprocal Exchange student program

Application Link

Via E-mail (

Application Deadline

Fall Term

Spring Term

May 22nd

Nov 22nd


Academic Calendar

Language of Instruction

Mainly Korean Other English

Minimum Language Requirements

Test of English as a Foreign Language


Minimum Academic Requirements


Cumulative GPA

Over 2.5 of 4.5


Others (Please Specify)

Basic Korean (Korean alphabet)

Minimum Credits per semester

8 Credits

Maximum Credits per semester

18 Credits

Number of Term(s) per year

2 Semester (Fall / Spring)

Start Date and End Date

Fall Term : September ~ December

Spring Term : March ~ June

Summer Vacation : July ~ August

Winter Vacation : January ~ Feburary

Exam Period

Fall Term
Mid test : Mid of Oct
Final test : Mid of Dec

Spring Term
Mid test : Mid of April

Final test : Mid of June

Orientation Day

Fall Term: End of August

Spring Term: End of February

Is there any orientation fee exchange students need to pay?


Is there any cost for the pick-up service for exchange students?


Date of Move in dormitory

Fall Term: End of February

Spring Term: End of August

Date of Move out dormitory

Fall Term: Mid of Feb

Spring Term: Mid of August


Accommodation & Estimated Expenses

Any availability of Residence Halls for exchange students


Are all exchange students guaranteed accommodation before arrival?


Types of Rooms Available


Are there any compulsory meal plans?


Price Range for Meal Plans per TERM

1,000 ~ 1,100 USD

Student Activities Fee


Tuition per term

One’s own university tuition fee

Estimated Living Expenses per TERM

1,300 ~ 1,700 USD

Damage Deposit for Residence

Depends on products


Health Insurance

Insurance status is mandatory

Price : 80 ~ 100 USD


Majors (Undergraduate)



Liberal Arts

School of Human Civilization

Major in Korean Language & Literature

Major in Japanese Language & Literature

Major in Korean Literature in Classical Chinese

Major in History

School of Glocal Cultural Studies

Major in Cultural Planning

Major in Cultural Contents

Major in Cultural Service

Department of English Language & Literature

Department of China Studies

Department of Library & Information Science

Department of Education

Department of Early Childhood Education

Department of Ethics Education

Law and Political Science

School of Law, Public Administration & Politics

Major in Law

Major in Public Administration

Major in Political Science & International Relations

School of Communication

Major in Mass Communication

Major in Advertising & PR(Public Relations)

Department of Social Welfare

Commerce and Economics

School of Economics, Finance & Logistics

Major in Economics & Finance

Major in Logistics

School of Hospitality & Tourism Management

Major in Hotel & Tourism Management

Major in Food Service Management

Department of Business Administration

Department of International Trade & Commerce

Department of Accounting


School of Mathematics & Applied Statistics

Major in Mathematics

Major in Applied Statistics

School of Chemistry & Life Science

Major in Chemistry

Major In Life Science

Department of Energy Science

Department of Physical Therapy

Department of Nursing Science


School of Civil, Urban, and Environmental Engineering

Major in Environmental Engineering

Major in Civil Engineering

Major in Urban Engineering

School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Major in Electronic Engineering

Major in Electrical Engineering

School of Mechatronics, Industrial & Management Engineering

Major in Mechatronics Engineering

Major in Industrial & Management Engineering

School of Food Biotechnology & Nutrition

Major in Food Science & Biotechnology

Major in Food Nutrition

School of Architecture & Design

Major In Architecture

Major In Interior & Architectural Design

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Department of Information & Communication Engineering

Department of Advanced Materials Engineering




School of Sports & Health Science

Major in Physical Education

Major in Sports Medicine

School of Music

School of Design

Major in Visual Communication Design

Major in Industrial Design

School of Theatre & Film Art

Major in Theatre

Major in Film

School of Screen Arts

Major in Moving Image

Major in Animation

School of Digital Media

Major in Digital Media

Department of Fine Arts

Department of Craft Design

Department of Dance

Department of Photography

Department of Fashion Design & Merchandising




Contact Information

Name : (Mr.) Jung, Woong (In-coming/Out-going)
Tel : (+82) 51-663-4061
E-Mail : /
Fax : (+82) 51-663-4069