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Student Welfare Facilities

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Kyungsung University's student welfare facilities consist of student convenience facilities and general campus facilities. Student convenience facilities include the departmental meeting rooms, men's and women's lounge areas in each college, club meeting rooms, and student council offices. General campus facilities include student and faculty cafeterias, snack bar, general store, barbershop, beauty parlor, copy center, photo shop, optical center, computer store, travel agency, coffee shop, bank, and post office.

The student convenience facilities provide an open and free environment for academic and extra-curricular activities. Operation and maintenance of the convenience facilities is done by the students themselves and helps enhance school pride and culture. The general campus facilities provide quality goods and services at modest prices. Items needed for campus life are available. These facilities are sensitive to the changing needs of the Kyungsung University community. Profits are put into a Welfare Fund that is available to Kyungsung University members in time of need.