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Campus scholarship

Entrance Scholarship(Top in each Division, Top in each College, Top and second in each Faculty, and Top in each Department), Dance Performance Scholarship, Literary Scholarship, Self-support Scholarship, Honors Scholarship, Korean Government Exam Success Scholarship, Scholarship for the Family Members of National Meritorious Recognition, Scholarship for Kyungsung Teaching Staff's Children, Scholarship for Corporate Related Teaching Staff's Children, Sports Specialty Scholarship, Service Scholarship, MCC Scholarship, Scholarship for Two-Student Registration, Scholarship for National Living Support Recipient, Labor Scholarship, ROTC Scholarship, Consumption Union Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Yongyeon Scholarship, TOEIC Scholarship, School Reputation Enhancement Scholarship, Study Abroad Scholarship.

External scholarship

Korean Research Foundation, Asan Social Welfare Foundation, Wonpa Culture Scholarship Fund, Jeongsu Scholarship, Ministry of National Defense, Korea Air Force Headquarters, Busan Metropolitan City, KT-IT master, Korean Electricity Association, Scholarship Fund Foundation of Korean Confederations of Trade Unions, Busan Hangdo Rotary Club, Busan Jin-gu Scholarship Fund, Alumni Association of Teaching Staff, Alumni Association, Namchon Scholarship Fund, Gohwa Scholarship Fund, Ilsan Scholarship Fund, Siwoohoi, Bunpo Scholarship Fund, SamHo co, Sogang Scholarship, etc.