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Affiliated Organizations

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Central Library

The Central Library supports study, research, and learning through the ready availability of its over 500,000 books. The contents of the library's collection are constantly being updated to keep pace with the changing nature of modern information society. The computerized library system allows students to search for materials in the libraries of Kyungsung University and other campuses by using their own personal computers. The Electronic Library located on the first floor plays a leading role in enhancing educational information technology on campus.

Institute of Computer Information Management Center

It is the duty of the Institute of Computer Information Management to develop and promote concrete measures that will enhance the specialization in multimedia at Kyungsung University and facilitate the change to an information-based educational system. The equipment and facilities located here such as the Ultra-High Speed Communication Network (155 Mbps ATM) form the core of the university's specialization process. When networked with CATV, VOD, and satellite communication facilities, the ATM becomes a valuable multimedia tool for research and education.

The institute is also well equipped with facilities for producing and learning to use multimedia applications. There is a Graphics Production room capable of generating 3D graphics, animation, and multimedia compact discs. There are also Video and Audio Production rooms with MIDI digital equipment, a Graphics Preparation room where professors can develop materials for video conferences and lectures, and a Multimedia Education room to help students learn how to use and make multimedia applications. The institute operates an internet server that enables access to the internet from various locations on campus. Students are given a user-ID so that they can have easy access to information on the internet.

Center for International Programs

University Museum

The Museum serves as a research center for Kaya culture. Museum activities include the excavation, surveying, and restoration of Kaya and other ancient relics. The museum plays an important role in preserving and transmitting our country's ancient cultural heritage through the storage and exhibition of these artifacts. In the exhibition room one can get a feeling for the roots of Korean culture by viewing objects dating from the Kaya Era up to the Chosun Dynasty as well as restored folk artifacts.

University Press

Multimedia Communication Center

The Kyungsung Newspaper, KUBS Radio Station, Kyungsung Times English language newspaper, and the cyber-journal Digital Kyungsung are all produced and operated from the Multimedia Communication Center (MCC). The MCC also plays an important role in the multimedia specialization business-support system and is divided into the Kyungsung University Newspaper team, Radio Broadcasting team, English newspaper team, Image Production team, and Advertising team.

Office of Athletic Affairs

The Department of Physical Education is working to develop physical education programs that serve the physical fitness needs of the community and to train elite competitive athletes. Currently there are 8 competitive sports teams maintained by Kyungsung University : baseball, wrestling, swimming, track and field, modern pentathlon, bowling, equestrian, yacht racing. The athletes have brought honor to Kyungsung University through their successes in national and international competitions. The American-style football team is one of the best in the country. The Physical Education department is dedicated to the development of amateur sports in Korea.

Center for Culture & Arts

Center for Culture & arts was established in November 1997 and consists of the new Small Theater, Small Lecture Hall, Art Gallery located in the Multimedia and Information Building, and the Concert Hall located in the College of Arts building. Together these facilities provide space for a variety of performances, presentations, and exhibitions. They have made a great contribution to the local art and culture communities.

Research & Educational Facilities Center

Research & Educational Facilities Center is equipped with a transmission electron microscope, X-Ray diffraction analyzer, fluid plasma inducer, and other high-cost, precision research instruments. The institute has currently acquired about 90% of its planned facilities. These instruments are available for the research needs of professors and students.