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Graduate Schools

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Graduate School

The Graduate School is dedicated to the development of society and academia through training researchers, professors, and professionals. This training is based in our fundamental educational ideals and cultivates enhanced practical abilities and intellectual research.

Graduate School of International Business

The Graduate School of International Management has the educational purpose of producing trained professionals who can serve the needs of the local community and industry and who are also well educated in the theory and concepts behind the new era of globalization and openness.

Graduate School of Multimedia

The goal of the Graduate School of Multimedia is to research the theory and practical applications of industrial technologies required in an information-based society. At the same time we train qualified and creative multimedia specialists who can find employment in the information technology field or in other cultural and artistic fields.

Graduate School of Social Welfare

The Graduate School of Social Welfare is dedicated to enhancing local society through the training and continuing education of social welfare experts. Students learn both theory and practical methods of social welfare.

Graduate School of Edcation

The goal of the Graduate School of Education is to develop the Korean educational system by training independent and creative educators. Students learn how to teach and research the theory and practice of education from the perspective of basic educational and Christian ideals.

Graduate School of Chinical Pharmacy

The Graduate School of Clinical Pharmacy trains qualified pharmacists capable of working in any clinical area of the changing medical environment. Students learn the theory and application of clinical, social, and biological aspects of pharmacology.

Prefessional Graduate School of Digital Design

As the first graduate school of engineering-related design in Korea, the Graduate School of Digital Design aims to develop information technology and multimedia as well as the design of information communication devices, artificial environments, games, animation, and urban architecture. Furthermore, we educate world-class specialists in cyber-culture and intellectual property rights who have a broad background in engineering, the arts, and the humanities.