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Thank you for visiting our website of Kyungsung Global Business Center.

In recent years, youth unemployment has become a serious social problem.
Our center has provided Kyungsung University students (including graduates) with needed information about their fitting job as well as overseas internship. Since 2005, we have offered a customized program which trains selected students to be international specialists meeting demands of overseas firms.

Until now, enterprises hesitate to hire students because of the advanced requirements, and the students often lack the capability to handle certain situation in a foreign environment.

In order to solve such a problem and understand the current situation of a local subsidiaries as well as internal and external investment companies, we have tried not only to make a mutual networking system but to improve overseas job market.

We always strive to contribute growth of an overseas employment as well as the development of industry, producing outstanding individuals who can lead the world.

We always try to be the best place for those who are interested in information about internal and external employment.

Thank you