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Korean Language Center

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Introduction to KLC

Officially opened in March 2006, the Kyungsung Language Center (KLC) is a Korean education center for foreigners developed as a subsidiary agency of the External Affairs Department. Kyungsung University has continued to develop educational programs and textbooks for Korean education since 2003. Until now, Kyungsung University has developed 4 textbooks, a DVD title and a website for Korean education. The new dormitory building, Nuri International Dormitory, was constructed at the end of Feb 2006 and the KLC classrooms are located inside.

Over the last four years, KLC has developed quantitatively as well as qualitatively. Since 2006, KLC has taught many foreign students (from China, Taiwan, America, Britain, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia etc.) who successfully completed the language classes and became a student in KSU.

KLC has four terms (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter) of regular courses, offering a total of 200 hours (20 hours a week / 800 hours a year) for over 10 weeks.

In an effort to make foreign students involve in the language, KLC has also added classes about the Korean culture. Students can personally experience aspects of Korean culture such as Korean food, Taekwondo, traditional music, in particular Samulnori, and much more.


Dormitory for Living/Culture/Learning

KLC classrooms are located inside the dormitory building with modern facilities to provide an environment, where students can comfortably study and live in the same building.

Korean Language Classrooms & Library

The dormitory building is provided with 4 classrooms accommodating 20 people per classroom. However, one specific room accommodates 40 people. Also KLC has a library for Korean studies and students can use various materials. In addition, students can learn and study in a comfortable air-conditioned environment.

Multimedia Language Laboratory

Each lab is equipped with overhead projectors, a VCR, a DVD player and computers. All lessons are provided using these multimedia materials.

Regular Program Schedule

Regular Program Schedule
Terms Duration(10weeks) Application Level Test
Spring March-May January 31 early March
Summer September-November July 31 early September
Fall September-November July 31 early September
Winter December-February October 31 early December


  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
09:00-09:50 Korean Grammar, Reading, Listening, Speaking