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A Message from President

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Chairman Soo Geun Song

Kyungsung University
Soo Geun Song

"We will make a university which challenge the Future."

We will make a university willing to challenge the future based on its foundation philosophy of the Christianity for love and service. Our University has seen many developments and changes over the years thanks to the unwavering determination and endless efforts of its members, along with help from the local community and other outside sources. Though we are proud of our history we have for the past half century.

we are more interested in facing the challenges of the future than in talking about our past achievements. As the information-based society of the future dawns, universities must strive to produce creative academic research facilities while at the same time cultivate future-oriented individuals who can compete in today's workforce. Kyungsung University has foreseen the rapid changes in the modern society. Our university provides something differentiated and adhering education system escaping from the existing educational frame in university that is so common and monotonous and especially our university has a slogan for educational renaissance and Kyungsung renaissance, so that it is aimed at nurturing qualified persons by reinforcing the education for sensibility and leadership as a competent leader who has the professional mind. The quality of a university isn't determined by its size alone. The will and efforts of the school members and faculty make the school stand out among others. We must recognize the truth as we do our best to create a quality university.